The Merger

Brand, Fine Print

Three loved brands merged to become one.

Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2017

United to preserve, protect and promote the art of fine printing in the modern era, Echelon, was formed by the merger of BurdgeCooper, Complete Graphics, and The Ligature. Together, these brands form the world’s largest engraving company and one of the world’s largest small-format commercial printers with over 100 years of experience.

Owned by Taylor Corporation, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States and totaling over 120+ locations, Echelon has the abilities and fuel for your future endeavors.

In 1923 Mr. Charles Leroy Burdge established the Burdge Engraving Company while Mr. Stuart Cooper established his Stuart F. Cooper Company in 1929 from the printing equipment of Milton G. Cooper & Son. The two names set the standard for graphic arts excellence and, merged into BurdgeCooper On July 1, 2010.

Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2014

In 1918 Gravure Engraving Company was founded by Eddy Elert in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1990, Gravure Engraving Company merged with another engraving company, Complete Graphics.

Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2013

In 1920 Apex Engraving was founded in Los Angeles, then in 1976 Donald Pennell bought Apex and re-named it The Ligature.

Acquired by Taylor Corporation: 2011

The future is exciting and we are ready to continue to be what we have always been…A printing house of uncommon artistry steeped in tradition and commitment…A place of distinction, where expertise and client relationships come together to create print of exceptional quality tailored for your unique needs.

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