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A well designed corporate holiday card can leave a lasting impression. Sarah Turk, a stationery analyst at the research firm IBISWorld stated, “I think that especially in a digital age, paper now has more value than it ever has.” As technology continues to grow, so does the appreciation for quality fine print. Receiving a holiday card creates a sense of nostalgia that technology can’t match. As we prepare for the holiday season, consider investing in a card that embodies how much you care on a deeper level for clients and prospects.

Five Reasons How Holiday Cards Can Build an Authentic Relationship

#1 The holiday season is cluttered with noise and advertising, holiday cards ensure that your message, featuring your brand, will get noticed and opened.

#2 You can’t build authenticity without showing a little personality. Holiday cards are a great way to humanize your business and touch base without being too corporate or overbearing.

#3 A well-designed luxurious card gives off the impression that your organization is doing well.  When prestige is resembled in your cards, your clients and prospects will associate that quality with your organization and keep you in mind for the future.

#4 Holiday cards are a symbol of your priorities, everyone knows it takes time and money to send out a card with a handwritten note.  When your clients feel valued your relationship is strengthened.

#5 Keeping in touch in a digital age is easy. As we find more ways to connect the more challenging it has become to make those interactions sincere and honest. Receiving a card in the mail breaks the cycle of the digital screen puts something into the recipient’s hand that is raw and real.

Expressing Quality

When a holiday card is rushed, it often shows. Having a tailored card that speaks to you and your brand validates and the thought you put in behind it while showing off your organization in a unique way. Elements such as paper stocks, fine print processes, weights, colors and more can sometimes be overwhelming but finding the perfect combination will allow your card to stand out from the rest.

Of course, we understand how hectic life can get that’s why we offer:

On-Hand Experts
Custom Design Possibilities
Designs to Fit Every Budget
Premium Finishes
Fast Shipping
High-Volume Opportunities
And More…

Whatever you’re looking for we have the tools and artisans to make your vision come to life. If you are interested in a holiday program, feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below if you have any questions


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